W  H  O      W  E      A  R  E

Our Story


At GroundUp, we create the conditions for growth. We clear a path for innovation and walk that path with our partners. Our team thoughtfully works, plays and builds with other talented people who have great energy and know how to get things done.

Human ingenuity has unlimited potential. We want it to reach new heights. Using our shared experiences as the blueprint, GroundUp replicates the process of creating a company of value for our clients. This process utilizes our data management and machine learning expertise along with the unique opportunities presented by each company. We build scalable automated systems that satisfy operational needs so we can focus the human effort on bringing groundbreaking ideas to life. 


Our Team

We are experienced entrepreneurs who enjoy working closely with diverse founders.

We believe in doing the right thing, whether it's giving advice, contributing code or sitting back and cheering you on.


Seth Hittman

Founding Partner

Duke Barnett

Founding Partner


Ricardo Bueso