W  H  A  T      W  E      D  O 

Our Approach




We invest in the future because we believe in it.


We're constantly looking for new ideas that are so good that we wish we had thought about them first, and we love betting on the underdog.

We see great opportunity in the underestimated.

While running the gamut across verticals and markets, there are three things the companies in our portfolio all have in common: 

Originality, rapid evolution and the desire to make a difference.




Towards the sky, inch by inch


We're experienced engineers who set the highest standards for ourselves. Every product is treated as if its our own. We design, develop and iterate long and short term projects and specialize in making sense of unruly swaths of data. We're delighted by working with young companies and enjoy working with enterprise businesses as well. 

If you can conceive it, we can build it.



Your success is our success. We help each other grow.


We do so much more than execute our client’s ideas. Starting with the first meeting, we challenge you to go further and question your own beliefs. Then we join forces and merge as a single team with coordinated objectives.

Our goal is always to achieve something greater than us, something better than we first thought possible. 

And then beyond the project specifics, we offer hiring services to help young companies build the right teams in house. We also offer design, marketing and billing/payroll services to make it even easier to function on your own. We don't want the end of a contract to feel like you're pushed out of the nest.

We will continue to support you.

How We Work

We start at the roots by getting to know you and understanding your goals.

From there, we work hand-in-hand through the different stages of your company's life cycle.




Entrepreneurs with extraordinary vision and energy partner with Ground Up to nurture the strongest iteration of an idea.



We assemble a team with expertise and foresight to advance the idea technically and operationally.



We leverage our network of visionaries to secure seed investment and early community adoption.



GroundUp continues to serve as co-founder, continuously building and adding value through multiple stages of growth.